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“Finally! The Most Thorough And Efficient Window Cleaning And Pressure Washing You’ve Ever Experienced Without The Hassle Of Hiring 2 or 3 Different Types Of Companies…”

 ” We have used Eric and his crew for the past 8 years. The quality of their window cleaning and power washing is consistently excellent. Their punctuality and work ethic are impeccable.  Eric will go the extra mile to make sure your property looks immaculate when they are finished.”

Dr. Supran ~ Delray Beach, Fl

  ” Fantastic results, fast communicator, and great customer service.  Got the full suite (roof, driveway, and windows) and couldn’t be happier.  Each surface has been neglected for at least 5 years, and now they all look new.  Earned a customer for life…  Thanks Eric and team!”

Dan B. ~ Coral Springs, Fl

 “I have been using Eric’s Window Cleaning for many years now and they have consistently arrived at their appointments on time and do a very thorough and highly professional job.  Windows are sparkling with absolutely no streaks.  They are also very respectful of furniture and outside plantings.  Eric is a very polite and likeable young man.  Recommend him highly.”

Thomas B. ~ Parkland, Fl

     “If you won me over, you are good!  Eric gave us a quote and there were no surprises other than he went above and beyond what we expected.  He was very thorough, respectful and careful with our belongings.  A very nice man with a quick sense of humor and actual work ethics.  Thank you, Eric.  We will be calling you again and again.”

Julian A. ~ Delray Beach, Fl

  “I’ve had Eric and crew out on several occasions over the past year to clean hard to reach windows on a property I manage. They’ve, without exception, been prompt and professional as well as doing an amazing job with the windows.  I also had them come and pressure wash and reseal our brick driveway, which looks incredible.  Definetly recommend these guys!”

Dustin H. ~ Hillsboro Mile, Fl

  “I own a 2 story home in Coconut Creek.  My windows were horrible.  Eric and his team did an outstanding job on both the inside and outside.  Affordable, professional and was a pleasure to have him and his team in my home.  I will be using them again.”

Cheryl M. ~ Coconut Creek, Fl

   “Eric and his team did an excellent job.  They did the inside and outside of our windows and pressure cleaned the front and back areas of our house.  We were pleased with all aspects of their work – timely, dependable and great at what they do.  We’ll use them again!”

Felicia A. ~ Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

  “We’ve been using Eric’s Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing for years.  They pressure clean our home, walkways and roof and they clean our windows inside and out.  They are always responsive, reliable and well priced.  Most importantly, we are comfortable having them work in our home.”

Jill F. ~ Boca Raton, Fl

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Recent Projects Around Town

Pressure Washing Delray Beach, Fl

Is your driveway dirty?  This homeowner wanted to get the driveway pressure cleaned and the windows cleaned inside and out. The travertine driveway had tire marks and mildew growth.  We cleaned the stone with pressure only, no chemicals.  Windows turned out very nice.

Window Cleaning Parkland, Fl

Hard to reach 2nd story windows?  This beautiful home in Heron Bay has some high windows that are hard to reach.  The homeowner has us clean the windows inside and out every 6 months.  We used filtered water to rinse the outside glass after cleaning it which turned out very nice.

Window Cleaning Pompano Beach, Fl

Got Salty Windows?  This homeowner gets their outside windows cleaned every two weeks to manage the salt overspray coming off the ocean.  The house is set back in a quiet neighborhood with a zero lot line.  We use our water fed window cleaning system to clean the hard to reach windows.

Window Cleaning Boca Raton, Fl

Getting ready for an event?  At this house they were preparing for an outdoor charity event.   We cleaned all the outside windows on this two story house with our pure water window cleaning system.  We also pressure cleaned and sealed the front driveway and pressure cleaned the back patio so cocktail tables could be set up.

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Question 1: What cities do you serve?

Answer: Our services are based out of Pompano Beach, but because we travel to your location, we are also able to serve Parkland, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and all the surrounding cities.

Question 2: How often should I have my home power washed?

Answer:  This depends on how close you live to the water where lake insects and ocean salt can build up rather quickly.  As a general rule you should have this done at least once a year.  If you live closer to the beach you will have more salt buildup on your home and windows and you may want to have this done more often…perhaps quarterly.

Question 3: How much does professional window cleaning services generally cost?


Window cleaning prices are determined based on a few different factors.  When pricing a window cleaning job for the first time we take into account:

  • How many windows you have?
  • How dirty are the windows?
  • Are the windows stained and can the stains be removed?
  • Is it a 1 story or multi level home or business?
  • Do the windows have silicon or paint overspray on them from prior remodeling or new construction?
  • Do you want the windows cleaned inside or out?  Or just on the outside?

Once these factors are taken into account then we can get an accurate idea on how much it would cost to have your windows professionally cleaned.

Warning:  If you call another company and they give you a price based only on the amount of windows you have, beware of hidden add on charges in the end like stain and paint removal costs, or extra charges for screen cleaning that could affect your overall cost.  Many homeowners call in and say they’ve been told one price over the phone from local competitors and when the technician shows up to do the job the price is inflated to reflect the extra add ons that weren’t mentioned over the phone.

Here’s a rough idea of what it would cost to have your windows professionally cleaned and an approximately how long it would take for different size homes.

1200-2000 Sq. Ft. house will take a professional window cleaner approximately 1.5 – 2 hrs to clean the windows inside and out.  If you just want the outside cleaned it would take about 1-1.5 hrs.  Pricing for cleaning the windows on the outside starts at $75. Please click here to request a call back and we will get in touch to take a look at your project and give you a free estimate.

2100-3500 Sq. Ft. house will take a professional window cleaner approximately 2.5 – 4 hrs to clean the windows inside and out.  If you just want the outside cleaned it would take about 2 – 3 hrs.  Pricing for cleaning the outside windows starts at $120. You can click here to request a call back and we will get in touch to take a look at your project and give you a free estimate.

3600-5000 Sq. Ft. house will take a professional window cleaner approximately 3.5 – 4.5 hrs to clean the windows inside and out.  If you just want the outside cleaned it would take about 3 – 4 hrs.  Pricing for cleaning the windows on the outside starts at $150. Please click here to request a call back and we will get in touch to take a look at your project and give you a free estimate.

5100 + Sq. Ft. house will take a professional window cleaner approximately 6 – 8 hrs. to clean the windows inside and out.  If you just want the outside cleaned it would take about  4 – 5.5 hrs.  Pricing for cleaning the windows on the outside starts at $200. Please click here to request a call back and we will get in touch to take a look at your project and give you a free estimate.

Please note:  A two man window cleaning crew will get the same jobs done in about half the times listed above.

3 Little Known DiY Tips To Clean Your Windows Like A Pro

#1 Use The “Secret” Solution

The “secret” solution is dishwashing liquid. It cuts the dirt and grime, lubricating the glass so the squeegee can easily glide the dirty water off the window. No harsh ammonia or vinegar smell to deal with ever!

#2 Removing Hard Water Stains

When you run into that nasty hard water build up. Pick up a blue bottle that says Calcium, Lime and Rust Stain Remover at your local home improvement store.  For the best results use a 4-6 inch razor to loosen the build up while the stain remover is still on the glass. This will give you a smoother finish when your done cleaning the window.

#3 Use a Super Absorbent Lint Free Towel

Any lint free or microfiber towel will help you dry your glass. The key to a streak free window is to wash your towels before you use them in hot water only without detergent. Then dry them without fabric softener. Detergents leave a soapy residue in the towel which will cause a streaky wipe when drying your windows.

If you have any other questions or need some help with your project we offer 5 FREE Super Absorbent Lint Free Towels with every Free Estimate we give.

You can call (561) 288-8006 or (954)740-8006 and request your free estimate and towels today.

3 Old Fashioned Window Cleaning Myths Revealed

Having trouble getting that streak free shine after cleaning your windows? When it comes to window cleaning, people have a lot of ideas on how to get a crystal clear view. Here are a few tips on how to achieve that streak free shine, every time.

Myth #1:  Newspaper is the perfect alternative to paper towels for cleaning your windows

Fact:  Unlike paper towels, newspaper is lint free which is the cause of a lot of frustration when cleaning windows and mirrors. However, newspaper can also leave smeared ink on the glass and frames of the windows which gets wet making it very messy.

Myth #2: Ammonia is the miracle glass cleaner

Fact:  Although ammonia is used as a universal cleaner around the house, it can be very corrosive and hazardous to your skin.  It is a colorless liquid with a very pungent smell that causes severe headaches when you’re exposed for long periods of time.  A natural dishwashing liquid will clean just as good or better and is a great alternative.

Myth #3:  Store-bought glass cleaners work great

Fact:  Many times your windows attract dirt, dust, oil, waxes, and grime that adheres to the glass. Using a store bought  glass cleaner results in moving these contaminants across the glass surface, rather than completely eliminating them. It might look clean from one angle but when the sun hits that window just right  it can look very streaky and extremely smudgy.

Instead, use a natural dishwashing liquid and a squeegee. Then use a lint free towel to dry.  It will give you a professional result without the smudging and streaking.

If you want to skip the headache of doing it yourself give us a call today at (954)740-8006 or (561)288-8006 to schedule your free estimate or click here to request a call back.

Pressure Washing

While window washing can be done with simple cleaning materials, pressure washing is a different story. Pressure washing requires specialized equipment such as water pumps, jets, sprayers, and pressure hoses which most homeowners don’t want to invest in. It really does not make sense to invest in a pressure washer because the cost is very high compared with the number of times it is actually used. The cost is better spent on having the pressure washing done by professionals to save you time, money, and the grief of finding time to get it done.

Most of the time homeowners would prefer to have a professional do the job for them because they have the right tools, they can do it quickly and efficiently, and because it’s personalized with no hassle.  We can work around your schedule and many times do this when you are not even home, so when you arrive back at your house or office, it’s super clean.

Window Washing

Window washing is a chore often neglected and forgotten by many homeowners because we all live very busy lives. Others don’t clean their windows because they are afraid they may fall off a tall ladder or roof.  Heights are frightening to many people which prevents window cleaning and pressure washing a second story of a home from getting done.

Window washing is important to keep up on as well. Waiting too long between washing windows can block the sunlight, look dirty to visitors and guests, and also cause more expense if the grime builds up too heavily. Also with proper window washing for businesses, clients will not be distracted by salt, dirt, or grime buildup on the windows as they are shopping or entering or exiting the building.

Payments are also customized with either one-time payments or we are able to set up planned cleanings and tailor this to your specific needs.   Depending on the size and scope of the window washing, pressure cleaning, or pressure washing of your property, we can do this in a matter of hours.  By removing the dirt, salt, dust, and grime on a routine basis, it can keep the exterior of your property in good shape as well as keep your windows clean and able to allow the natural sunlight enter.