If your thinking of remodeling your home or starting a new construction build there’s a good chance you’ll have a lot of different subcontractors in and out of your house performing all different kinds of work.  After seeing hundreds of homes under construction and remodeled here in South Florida since 2001 there’s one fact that stands out the most. Your windows will be the most neglected aspect of the project!

Yes, it’s true. Unless you hire a reputable and responsible contractor who cares about your windows chances are you are going to wind up with new windows or your current windows getting damaged in some way or another. Scratches and stains top the list of damage that may occur.

These are the top 5 reasons for scratching and staining of the windows and frames during construction:

  •  Failure to cover windows and frames before outside stucco is applied. Stucco mix has chemicals in it when left on the glass will etch permanent marks into the glass if not removed quickly and properly.
  •  Paint overspray on the glass inside and out. Painters that forget or neglect to cover window frames and glass will try to correct their mistakes by attempting to remove paint with scrapers that will scratch the glass.
  •  Self-adhesive protective film left on window frames too long will damage the coloring of darker frames. Excessive sun exposure will “bake” the adhesive into the framing making it almost impossible to remove without using a chemical and  discoloring the window framing.
  •  Silicon glue and other construction adhesives that are left on glass and frames should be removed with the proper tools and solutions. Using small cheap razors and corrosive chemicals will surely damage sensitive glass.
  •  Sliding door tracks and window tracks that are dripped on with paint, stucco and adhesives require extra attention so that the doors and windows open and close properly for inspection. Stucco and painting contractors don’t care about the  windows or the window frames.  Keeping an eye on these details will save you thousands after the project is complete.

Here are the 3 best ways to protect your windows during a remodel or new construction build:

#1  When starting your renovation project or new construction build be sure to ask your contractor to cover your windows both inside and out with a self-adhesive protective film. This will keep construction materials like drywall mud, paint, stucco and glues off the glass and the frames preventing staining. Using harsh chemicals or razor blades to remove these materials may result in permanent scratching or smudging of your new windows.

#2   If your contractor is not able to cover your windows in a protective film ask your painter to tape the windows inside and out with a clear plastic sheeting, this will provide light in the house during construction while still protecting your windows.

#3  Avoid letting painters and cleaning crews from using cheap razors in removing paint drips or overspray on the glass. Many times using an old-fashioned razor blade can severely scratch or damage your new windows.

Always get a professional window cleaner to assess your new windows to determine if they can be cleaned without permanently scratching the glass.

If you would like to have a professional assessment of your new windows you can call (954)740-8006, you can also visit our website at EricsWindowCleaning.com to schedule your free evaluation or to get a free estimate today.