What Is Pure Water Window Cleaning?

Window Cleaning has come a long way since newspaper, Windex and squeegees.  Today window cleaners use a pure water window cleaning system to achieve streak free results.  Many homeowners say the results are better than the traditional squeegee method.

This system is broken down into 3 Phases.

  • The Scrub Phase – Instead of scrubbing the glass free of dirt and debris with soap and water and a traditional window cleaning mopper we use a water fed brush.  This brush is designed to agitate the glass and loosen any dirt, pollen or bug residue from the glass surface.  Using an interlocking carbon fiber pole with the brush allows the crew to clean really high hard to reach windows.
  • The Rinse Phase – After agitating the glass and loosening the dirt and debris we then start from the top down rinsing the glass with purified water.  Heavy duty yellow tubing carries the water up the pole out the brush jets to gently rinse the dirty water down off the glass.
  • The Drying Phase – The rinse water we are using to rinse the dirty water off is ran through a deionized filtering system.  This filters the water of any impurities leaving a spotless finish.  The reason glass dries spotty after being sprayed with water from the hose or tap is because the chemicals and minerals in the water leave a film or spotty residue.  This method of rinsing is also used by local boat owners to rinse their boats from the salt after being out on the water.  After the filtered water dries it leaves a spotless finish on the boat and it’s glass just like it does on home window glass.

What’s The Difference Between Traditional Soap And Water Vs. Pure Water Cleaning?

  • Longer Lasting Results.  Cleaning the window with soap will leave an invisible residue after it is squeegeed off.  This residue tends to attract dirt from windy days or bugs quicker.  Rinsing the glass with pure water leaves nothing for the dirt molecules to cling to.  Drying spotless leaving your windows cleaner longer.
  • Easier To Maintain.  Homeowners living on or near the water find it challenging to maintain a clear view year round.  The salt is a constant problem.  When cleaning windows that are reguarly covered in salt the soap and salt will smear when drying if not perfectly squeegeed off.  A pure water rinse will rinse the salt off eliminating any smearing.
  • Safer, No Ladder Needed.  Less time spent on a high ladder is safer for the window cleaner.  Rather than over extending themselves the window cleaner can adjust the water fed pole and get access to high areas safer with better results.


If you haven’t had your windows cleaned in a while make sure the window cleaner you hire knows that.  Although the water fed window cleaning system is great your results will entirely depend on the skills of the water fed pole operator.

Some local window cleaning companies will send out a technician with a fancy water fed set up claiming it’s the best thing since sliced bread.  Many times the technician only uses the brush and water then rinses the glass never looking over their work.

Through our experience with this type of equipment in the last 5 years we found that a hybrid approach delivers the best results.  All glass is different and not all dirt and debris will loosen completely with the brush strokes.  

On homes that are first time cleans we always use a hybrid approach of scrubbing the glass with soap and water using a 4-6″ stainless steel razor when needed.  Then when the glass is free of any raised debris we then clean the glass again with the brush and then rinse it with the pure water.  The results are amazing.

No towel marks the next day when the suns hits the glass just right and no squeegee streaks or drips.


If it rains within 5 days after your window cleaning please call us for a Free touch up!

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